Add The Colour of Prosperity to Your Life This Holi with Arnav’s Gold Jewellery

Festivals are just another one of the many reasons to spend quality time with your loved ones and show them how much you care. Holi is a joyous festival that is traditionally celebrated with colours and spreading of love by building memories and sharing gifts.  Holi is also celebrated by preparing and devouring sinful ghee based yellow and orange sweets. That’s not all, as many women and men dress up in their finest traditional clothes and flaunt exquisite gold jewellery for the pujas held on this auspicious day meant to celebrate colours.

Gold also known as aurum signifies wealth and prosperity in many cultures but more importantly it signifies the colour of happiness. This powerful metal when mixed with copper, zinc and silver forms an alloy that can range from varying shades of yellow. White gold jewellery is relatively new to many people yet is magnificent to look at and wear. Although available in various grades and form, all types of gold have one thing in common they make the person wearing this type of jewellery ecstatic with joy.

This Holi, let us help you put a smile on your partner’s face with our line of traditional and contemporary gold jewellery as there is no better way to make a woman smile with pure happiness, than to give her what her heart desires, a new gold chain to wear and flaunt. Our exemplary range doesn’t only consist of yellow based gold jewellery, but also white gold ornaments, precious stone ornaments and designer jewellery. If silver is the colour that makes your partners eyes shine bright, then we have you covered as we also offer a range of hand crafted silver jewellery to those who are forever young at heart.

Ashwini Oza is the lead designer for the exquisite line of gold and silver ornaments that are created at Arnav’s Designer Boutique. Together Ashwini Oza and her team have helped numerous buyers get the jewellery their hearts desire most.

At Arnav’s Designer Boutique, we accept challenges with a smile and work hard to continuously bring you the latest designs that you might not have seen elsewhere. Our easy to choose from gift card options are ideal for you, if you would like to give your partner the gift of gold with the element of surprise. Since the jewellery we create is ideal for both men and women of all ages, this Holi you can also choose to give your child, his or her first piece of designer jewellery.

If you are perplexed looking at the options available to you, then you can always contact our team to know which ornament is ideal for you.  At Arnav, we don’t just create jewellery; we also help spread the joy of Holi through our extensive range of gold and silver ornaments that are hand crafted with love and care. Let the team at Arnav guide you with our extensive catalogue of jewellery available at .

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