ARNAV 13th Anniversary Sale at Jayanagar & Online Store

Diwali is around the corner and with the Gold rates dropping; Bangalore is all set to welcome this with open arms. Women, both young and old, have begun their shopping spree, hunting for something unique and spectacular, which, at the same time, has a traditional tinge, all at a Bargain.

Thanks to ARNAV, the jewellery hunt seems to be effortless. For there lies within the walls of this bespoke boutique a dazzling collection of studs, rings, cuffs, necklaces, chains and earrings. And what’s more? This Diwali season, ARNAV has announced the launch of a eclectic range jewellery inspired by Indian motifs, comprising peacocks, mangoes, leaves and flowers.

‘This time, we have used a lot of rubies, pearls and emeralds as these are the most proffered stones in South India’, says Ashwini Oza, principal designer, ARNAV.

Since the Gold rates have fallen quite a bit, we have had a steady flow of clients, who have been coming to place their orders so that delivery can be taken on Dhanteras.  Celebrating the 13 th Anniversary we have also announced discounts of upto 25% on a wide range of Silver jewellery and very attractive prices on a wide range of Gold jewellery, says Chetan G R partner at ARNAV.

At our design studio, ARNAV directly involves the customers in the design process. ‘We show them their jewellery piece at three stages. When the jewellery is set in wax, before the piece goes for soldering and before the final polishing. This gives the customers the confidence and flexibility to know that the jewellery is to their tastes and liking,’ she says. Every single customer who has come to ARNAV is 100% satisfied with the output.

Ashwini Oza says that with stringent Quality checks by GIA qualified personnel and International Standards of Gold Quality, ARNAV assures every piece that it makes is a family heirloom that can be passed on to the next generation.

She also claims that while ARNAV is a Designer Jewellery store in our approach, we are not a designer jewellery store in our pricing, being best value for money is one of the many tenets that we follow.

ARNAV is located at No 17, 9 th Main, 2 nd Block Jayanagar, Opp Govt Nursing Home, Bangalore. The store timings are 11:00 – 7:00, all 7 days.

Ph : 9986001216 or 7676761216 ;

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