4She tucked her hair back gently behind the ear and smiled at him. A proud teardrop slid down her make-up cheek when she received the best actress award. She tenderly touched her baby girl for the first time and it felt amazed, struggling to straighten up on the hospital bed. The man announced with pride, she is the woman behind my success. She makes it in the Olympics, she cooks dinner every night, the company turnover increased by 90% because of her, and she raises smart kids. Who is she that everyone is speaking about? She is ‘You’, the amazing woman inside you. 

It is time to celebrate the existence and accomplishments of a woman for what they are in our lives. Few might be celebrating with cupcakes, few with lipsticks and few with protests. Why not celebrate the day stylishly and gold like with the astounding and complementing jewellery at Arnav. 

Arasi Kada

Are you the woman who owns an elegant smile on your face always? Then this beautiful piece of Arasi Kada should be in your jewellery box. Passionately designed in silver, this Arasi Kada offers a traditional look. Pearls are embedded in a symmetric manner competing with the semi-precious stones dancing around the gold plated silver grandeur.  

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Kanchi Pendant

When spinel and crystals fall in love, their tryst looks like this adorable pendant. This gold plated temple silver jewellery with 92.5 purity is best suited for any occasion. The ruby stones are very elegantly crafted in the necklace. The solitary green onyx is just enough to compliment your glamour. 

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The Green Agate Earrings

For the woman in style, these green agate earrings are the best gift. These earrings are made of cabochon cut rubies, rose cut diamonds and green agate. 

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Kosen Earrings  

Ethnic jewellery is a part of Indian tradition. For the women who adore ethnic style jewellery which can beautify their aura, this gold plated, silver Kosen earrings is the best gift.

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Freshwater Pearl earrings

What can be more adorable than the blend of pearls and gold? This freshwater pearl earring is a best match to a young lady, the trendy girlfriend, gorgeous mother, pretty aunt or lovable grandmother. 

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Choosing a gift is never tough, if it has to be gifted to a woman. Jewellery is the only gift that pacifies a woman’s heart and adds to her beautiful smile. Don’t you think? Appreciate yourself, inspire yourself and feel proud everyday for what you are! Let us celebrate International Woman’s day together.