Name of the Plan Monthly Instalment Amount Total Amount (after 16th month) Bonus Amount Total Jewellery Worth
A Rs. 2,000 /- Rs. 32,000 /- Rs. 4,000 /- Rs. 36,000 /-
B Rs. 5,000 /- Rs. 80,000 /- Rs. 10,000 /- Rs. 90,000 /-
C Rs. 10,000 /- Rs. 1,60,000 /- Rs. 20,000 /- Rs. 1,80,000 /-


  • The Smart Savings Plan is for a period of 16 months only.
  • Members can take Gold, Diamond, Platinum or Silver Jewellery in the 17th month after completion of the plan period without any default / delay in the monthly payment.
  • Two Bonus instalments will be paid only after successful completion of 16 months.
  • No bonus will be paid on pre-closure of the plan by the members and they will be allowed to take gold / silver jewellery only for the amount they have paid.
  • No cash refund is allowed.
  • Payment can be made in cash / local cheque / DD drawn in favour of ARNAV & Company. At par outstation cheques are accepted. Bank charges will be extra for bounced cheques. Members can pay by post dated cheques also.
  • Value additation / Wastage / making charges and VAT will be charged extra.
  • Monthly instalments should be paid before 10th of every month. Instalments paid after 10th of that month will be credited in subsequent month and the plan will be extended by a month for every default.
  • Savings Plan amount cannot be adjusted against any cash / credit bill in part or in full (It has to be fresh purchase only).
  • Credit / Debit card are not accepted as payment for the plan.
  • Previous months instalments will not be accepted.
  • Bullion, Gold / Silver coins purchase are not valid in this plan.
  • Payments will not be accepted without the “Pass-Book / Membership card”.
  • M/s. ARNAV & Company Management will reserve the right to alter, amend, add, delete or suspend the scheme at any point of time. In such circumstances, purchase can be made on the value of amount paid without bonus instalments.
  • There will be no further interest / incentive paid if the members delay the purchase after the end of 17 months.
  • Gold / Silver rates ruling the date of purchase / order will be charged.
  • All disputes if any, shall be subject to Bengaluru, Jurisdiction.
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