About Us

We are a jewellery boutique of international repute and take pride in designing handcrafted pure gold, diamond, silver and antique pieces. Through our work, we strive to celebrate ancient Indian jewellery traditions, kaarigari, and contemporary aesthetics. Founded in 2002, by two people with a deep-rooted passion for jewellery and design, ARNAV Design Studio has managed to establish its credentials as a sought-after jeweller to connoisseurs world over.

Our designs go beyond the conventional approach, and each custom-made piece reflects our commitment to quality and excellence. Ashwini’s design sensibilities and Chetan’s experience in Gemology, come together and provide ARNAV the unique identity that defines the boutique.

ARNAV Leadership

Ashwini Oza

Ashwini Oza, the Co-Founder and Chief Designer at ARNAV & Co, has been a practising Interior Designer for over a decade. The creative powerhouse behind our award-winning designs, she is driven by a passion for designing works of art through jewellery.

Her stunning design sensibility represents the best of many worlds, transforming every piece of jewellery into an object of marvel. Also, the quest for perfection embellish her creations with the mark of class, making it a delight to wear.

Chetan G R

Backed by 18 years of entrepreneurial experience, Chetan G R is a certified Gemmologist, and a Jeweller of repute. He brought in his enormous expertise in the field of Fine Jewellery and Co-Founded ARNAV with Ashwini Oza in 2002. What began as a small boutique enterprise is now one of the most sought after bespoke Jewellery Design Houses in Bangalore.

What began as a small boutique enterprise in 2002 is now one of the most sought after bespoke Jewellery Design Houses in Bangalore. The rapid, holistic growth of Brand-ARNAV derives from Chetan’s vast experience in business and an integrity, which has allowed the boutique to establish a relationship of trust with its global clientele.

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