History fuels creative imagination. Traditions provoke & inspire us to create clothing and jewellery that can be worn with ease today. We find inspiration from the past, and it helps us revive and reinterpret antique styles suitable for the new era.
The temples of Karnataka illustrate the varieties of architecture prevalent in various periods in History. Architectural designs, especially that of a religious place, have always been instrumental in forming a true atmosphere of devotion for the attainment of spiritual peace &fulfilment. Every dynasty that has ruled the state of Karnataka has marked their reign by building rich and exquisite temples, with stunning carvings, ornamentations, and splendid sculptures.

Of all the dynasties that ruled Karnataka in the glorious past, the architectural style of the Hoysala dynasty has never been seen before, nor replicated. It is unique in it’s use of a complex profusion of chiselled soapstone carvings and sculptures. Flowers and buds were used extensively as they represent fertility, and have long been considered symbols of happiness and prosperity.

The Chennakesava Temple at Somanathapura is rich with this style of intricate carvings. It is the only Temple of the Hoysala Era which remains unharmed in all its original glory to this day.
The carvings of this temple proved to be the design inspiration for Carasti by ARNAV. Stay tuned.. You’re going to love what we’re coming up with!
[Source credits: Text has been paraphrased from ‘Jewellery Trends 2018’. Photography: in-house at ARNAV Jewellery]

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