Arnav in association with World of Women (WOW) will be at Mudalakoppalu School, Mandya District, on the 21st of July. The agenda is simple - our teams will be speaking on the importance of Menstrual Hygiene, and distributing a year’s supply of Menstrual Kits to 500 girls from the area. We aim to turn this into a sustainable model in future, in order to help girls & women throughout the region. As part of our ongoing CSR, we’d like to introduce you to the key members of WOW, and to Arvind Raghavan from Shri Balabyraweshwara Educational & Charitable Trust..


‘Attract what you expect, reflect what you desire, Become what you respect, Mirror what you admire’

Working for social causes for the past 15 years, these words have been Vandana Boggaram's mantra. She has been associated with several acclaimed social initiatives where she has helped educate underprivileged children to convert slum children into school going children. She has worked extensively with inspiring social leaders like Dr. Kala Charlu and Ms Janet Yagneswaran. Recognised as an influencer of young minds, Vandana has won The Bengaluru Youth Award, Youth ICON, Inspiration Ambassador, Shining Star - Woman of the year award etc.

A dynamic and empowering creative head, Vandana is an acclaimed Perfumer, and sees her work as a means to enable the employment of more women as a workforce in the manufacturing of incense.

She is the Founder and Managing Trustee of WOW. The shocking taboos and social stigma attached to menstruation lead her to start the organization. She has embarked on a mission to add value and make ARNAV-Jewellery from the Heart stands in strong support of Vandana in her mission to educate and spread awareness on Menstrual Hygiene a positive difference in the lives of other women. 

Nirmala Gowda Nayak is a Yoga and Chakra therapist, and a blogger on varied subjects from wellness to fashion and travels.

Whether as a counselor at Vanitha Sahaya Vani Women's help line at the Office of the Police Commissioner, a volunteer at Abhaya De-addiction center, or as an active member of Community Services of Bangalore (CSB), Nirmala’s commitment to empowering women is thoroughly commendable.

She is an Advisory Member and one of the backbones of World of Women (WOW). Whether it is working towards imparting awareness on personal hygiene for Women (which is their current focus), or sharing WOW's vision with individuals and companies, Nirmala's dynamism & go-getter attitude is an invaluable asset.

In her own words - ‘Your life is your message to the world.. make sure it's inspiring. I celebrate life everyday - WOW is part of my celebration of strong women who can get out of their comfort zone and reach out to different sections of the society with respect and dignity. Women's empowerment starts with how Women treat other Women’. Inspiring words from a seriously inspiring woman..

We are happy to have Nirmala as a dear friend and long standing client at ARNAV. It is our privilege to support her in her quest to make women's lives better.


“When we do good, we feel good. I want to live my life with a purpose and continuously empower women and inspire change.” Somebody with a life motto like that has got to be one of society’s game-changers..

Meet Kavitha Garla. Drop-dead gorgeous, articulate, a good listener, a great connector, and one of the warmest people you’ll ever meet, Kavitha is always doing her bit to enable the people around her. Her calm demeanor belies a steely determination to genuinely make a difference in the world she lives in. Her work as Head of Business Development & Trainer at Talk Temple has honed her business building skills & earned her the reputation of being a Power Networker.

She is passionate about adding value & making a positive difference to the lives of the countless women she comes in contact with. She takes this passion and commitment to the World of Women – WOW. Whether it is imparting awareness on personal hygiene for Women (which is the current focus of WOW), or sharing WOW’s vision with individuals and companies who can partner with WOW's work, her lifelong passion is to Empower and Enhance the lives of women from different economic strata.

ARNAV-Jewellery from the Heart is proud to be associated with this role model.

Art, she believes is the way of adding beauty to the world. Colours have been her childhood friends. Very often she would lose herself in the imaginative world of form and colour.

Meet Vinitha Suraj. She is the Managing Trustee of the World of Women (WOW), and brings her unique brand of warmth and creativity to the important work that she does there. She has long been dedicated to empowering women, and her passion in life is to encourage and inspire women to be independent, and to excel & achieve their dreams. Her work at WOW brings her deep contentment & joy.

With a Masters Degree in Applied Art from the prestigious Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Vinitha Suraj is the inspiring and intuitive Creative Director of Vitruvia.

Beautiful inside out, and a strong and empathetic role model, Studio by Ashwini Oza at ARNAV-Jewellery from the Heart is proud of this achiever. We are honoured to support her in her work.

She's a person who firmly believes that women ARE strong, & the challenge is about changing the way the world perceives this strength..within everyone is a huge dormant potential that only needs to be awakened in order to make this world a better place.

A Management Professional by training, Sandhya Nair has worked long years in the male dominated Consumer Durables industry. She then broke conventional business models & started an Aluminum Fabrication Unit in the construction industry - the only one to be run by women anywhere in India.

The super articulate Sandhya firmly believes that the tapestry of our great country can be woven into a rich & beautiful fabric only when women from varied socio-economic backgrounds are empowered in the various aspects of their life. As a Trustee of World of Women (WOW), she wants girls and women not only to be empowered, but also to understand that ”If it has to be, it is up to me”.

Her outward calm belies an inner grit, determination and a warmth that only a woman of true depth can have - one that comes from a simple yet strong value system strengthened by years of experience, and a clarity of thought that is vital to the work she does at WOW. Studio by Ashwini Oza at ARNAV-Jewellery from the Heart supports Sandhya in the important work of imparting awareness on Menstrual Hygiene to under privileged women.

Last but by no means the least, the youngest of them all at World of Women (WOW) but by no means inexperienced, here's introducing you to Preeti Dadu Kedia!

Ella Fitzgerald said: ‘Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.’ Preeti is an embodiment of these words. Her cheerful & bubbly personality, unmatched enthusiasm and love for people are an inspiration. These qualities, coupled with a desire to enable a real difference in the world make her a delight to work with.

She believes that the path to self-empowerment starts from within. Menstrual Hygiene is still taboo for people around her. Her vision is to educate every girl child about their own hygiene and equip them with everything that is needed to live a healthy life. She has been married for 6 years and is blessed to be a mother of a beautiful little girl. Her little daughter is her inspiration, and the reason for her to be a part of WOW.

Preeti is an alumni of NIFT Bangalore. Her career as an Event Stylist began entirely by chance 7 years ago, and she is now much sought after in Bangalore for her work.

Studio by Ashwini Oza at ARNAV-Jewellery from the Heart stands by the lovely Preeti in performing the critical task of imparting awareness on Menstrual Hygiene.

Women hold up half the sky and men the other half. One can achieve many things without the other. But the greatest good can only come out of standing hand in hand. In solidarity, trust, unity, a deeper understanding of each other’s issues, and a genuine desire to help resolve them to the best of each other’s capacity..

Helping us achieve that very objective is Arvind Raghavan. Knowing his penchant for spotting a social problem and finding a sustainable solution for it, we briefed Arvind on our CSR initiative with WOW. He instantly identified the areas where he could help, and since then, has gone above & beyond in giving us his wholehearted support.

An advocate by profession, Arvind and several other young philanthropists from Bangalore instituted 'Shri Balabyraweshwara Educational & Charitable Trust'. The main aim of this trust is to provide basic amenities like notebooks, stationery, uniforms, sport equipment, cooking equipment, and utensils in Government Primary schools, High schools and Junior Colleges in dozens of rural areas in Karnataka. It has distributed cash awards and scholarships to deserving students. They have had water tanks installed, and enabled water storage and distribution facilities in schools located at Hoskote, Mudalakoppalu and Bellale Villages. The trust has also roped in corporate giants like Infosys & EMC to contribute generously towards computer literacy & the overall well-being of the children.

Quiet and unassuming to a fault, Arvind believes that his work should do the talking. World of Women and ARNAV-Jewellery from the Heart are privileged to have him by our side as a pillar of support in our critical mission of spreading awareness on Menstrual Hygiene to the girls & women who really need it. We thank him from the bottom of our hearts for his role in this drive..

We will be at Mudalakoppalu School, Mandya District, on the 21st of July. The agenda is simple - our teams will be speaking on the importance of Menstrual Hygiene, and distributing a years supply of Menstrual Kits to 500 girls from the area. We aim to turn this into a sustainable model in future, to help girls & women throughout the region.

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